Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

Families with youth and children comprise nearly half of the population within 10 miles of FBC Swansboro. An overwhelming percentage of these families are not currently affiliated with a church. Many of these families are lacking in necessary resources. Community services are often strained and unable to provide adequate assistance, therefore, many families’ needs remain unmet. As a multigenerational congregation, FBC Swansboro is uniquely poised to serve the families of our community faithfully, as we acknowledge that strong, Godly families are the cornerstone of our world.

The Vision

As a beacon in our community, we will see families following Jesus and lives transformed through the gospel. We will see our congregation and community building authentic relationships and partnering with families, so that all will experience love, joy, hope, and a sense of belonging. We will see our community experience strengthened family relationships, healthy and Godly life choices, and freedom from generational brokenness.

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